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Floral Care and Handling


flower delivery PetalsFlowers are a simple yet elegant way to brighten up the home or office. If you just stopped by the local florist on the way home or just received an unexpected surprise bouquet, here are some tips on keeping your flowers fresh:

  1. Flowers should be carefully packed when they are taken home, as this prevents damage to flowers or stems. Dont try to put them in a bag with other items or carry them in the same hand as your shopping bags.

  2. Place the flowers (while still in their wrapping) in fresh water to allow them to drink

  3. Make sure the flowers are put into a clean vase. Dirty vases can carry bacteria which can reduce the longevity of the flowers.

  4. The flowers will last longer if you use cut flower food. Make sure you use the correct amount! If you're unsure on what flower food to use or how much, check the packet for instructions or ask your local florist for help.

  5. Before arranging the flowers in a vase, cut off approximately an inch from each stem - preferably at an angle. Cutting stems at an angle helps the flowers draw water.

  6. Stems should never be broken off or flattened - not even woody stems. Scraping off the bark will also shorten the flower life, make sure you cut the stems with sharp, clean scissors.

  7. Leaves should never be covered with water as they will only make it dirty and promotes the growth of bacteria, this will decrease the longevity of the flowers. For any unwanted lifes, remove them with clean, sharp scissors.

  8. Regularly top up the vase with clean water. If the vase water looks dirty, replace the water and don't forget to add plant food!

  9. Flowers do not like direct sunlight or draughts. Place your flowers away from open windows and at night, they will benefit from a lower thermostat setting.

  10. Daffodils can be deadly to other flowers because they secrete a poison in the water. After trimming, leave them on their own for a whole day and do not cut again before combining them with other flowers. However, a special cut flower food is available for daffodils and this enables them to be mixed with other cut flowers immediately. Check with your local florist for the correct flower food to use with daffodils.

  11. Keep flowers away from fruit. Certain fruits release gases that reduce the longevity of the flowers.