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The Language of Flowers


Send the right meaning with flowers!

flower delivery PetalsPeople have used flowers as symbols for communicating their thoughts and love for hundreds of years. To help you communicate the right words and find out which flowers to send and what they all mean, we've compiled a list of flowers and their most popular meanings. If you'd like a particular flower included in your gift, please specify the details in the 'preferences' field on the order form and we'll let you know if the flower is in season and available.

Flower Meaning
Agapanthus love letters
ageratum delay
allium humility
alstromeria friendship, pleasantries
anemone truth, faith
anthurium the heart
aster variety, afterthought
azalea romance, first love
Baby’s breath pure heart, gaiety
bachelors buttons felicity, delicacy
bamboo loyalty, steadfastness
basil best wishes
begonia highly popular
bells-of-Ireland whimsy
blackberry dangerous pride
bleeding heart elegance, fidelity
bouvardia enthusiasm
buttercup rich in charms
Caladium great joy
calendula health, joy
calla lily beauty, feminine modesty
camellia excellence, beauty
candytuft indifference
cardinal flower distinction & splendour
carnation admiration, fascination, bonds of love
chamomile energy in adversity
cherry sweetness of character
chickweed rendezvous
chives courage
chrysanthemum cheerfulness, optimism, long life
cinnamon my fortune is yours
clover good luck, education
columbine resolved to win
comfrey home sweet home
corn riches
cosmos modesty
crocus youthful gladness
cyclamen distrust
Daffodil regard, respect
dahlia gratitude, dignity
daisy innocence, simplicity
delphinium well-being, sweetness
dill soothing
Fennel worthy of all praise
fern, (asparagus) airy grace
fern, (maidenhair) discretion
forget-me-not hope, true love
foxglove insincerity
freesia innocence
fuchsia taste
Gardenia transport of joy
garlic protection, strength
geranium comfort, melancholy
gerbera sadness, needing protection
ginger safe, pleasant, comforting
gladiolus generosity
grape carousing, abandon
grass submission
Heather admiration, wishes come true
holly foresight, good will
holly beries protection
honeysuckle bonds of love, affection
hyacinth play, games, sport
hydrangea devotion, remembrance
Impatiens impatience
iris message, eloquence
ivy wedded love, fidelity
Jasmine transport of joy
jonquil desire a return of affection
juniper welcome to a new home
Kalanchoe popularity
Lady’s slipper fickleness
lamb’s ears softness, gentleness
larkspur swiftness
laurel success
lavender devotion, luck, success
lemon zeal, discretion, fidelity in love
lilac youth, love, acceptance
lily purity, majesty, fruitfulness
lily, tiger wealth, pride
lily-or-the-valley return of happiness
lisianthus showy
lupine imagination, voraciousness
Magnolia sweetness
maple reserve
marjoram blushes, mirth, consolation
mint warmth of feeling
monkshood chivalry, deceit
moss maternal love
mushroom suspicion
myrtle love, marriage, fidelity
Narcissus egotism
nasturtium patriotism
nerine a nymph
nettle cruelty, slander
nigella perplexity, embarrassment
Oak hospitality, strength
oats music
olive peace, reconciliation
Pansy thoughts
parsley festivity, thanks
passion flower christian faith
pea departure
peach longevity, softness
pear benevolent justice
pennyroyal flee away
peony beauty, welcome
peppermint warmth, cordiality
periwinkle love, memory
pine loyalty, endurance
pine cone fertility, life
plum courage, happiness
polyanthus pride of riches
pomegranate royalty, posterity
poppy forgetfulness, sleep, pleasure
primrose early youth, gaiety, sorrow
protea risqué
Queen Anne’s lace haven, protection
quince cheers my soul
Ragwort I am humble but proud
rannuculus You are rich in attractions
raspberry remorse, fulfilment
reed complaisance
rhododendron danger
rhubarb advice, fidelity
rose love, beauty, congratulations
rose, champagne vitality, devotion
rose, coral good fortune, longevity
rose, cream richness, perfection
rose, gold absolute achievement
rose, yellow friendship, jealousy
rosemary remembrance
Safflower welcome, marriage
sage domestic virtue, wisdom
shamrock luck
snapdragon No! presumption
spearment warmth of sentiment
spirea victory, conceit
spruce farewell, immortality
starflower hope, vigilance
statice remembrance, gratitude
stephonotis wedding
stock promptness, lasting beauty
strawberry perfect goodness
strawflower never ending remembrance
sunflower loyalty, adoration
sweet william childhood, memory
Thistle austerity, independence
thyme activity, bravery
tuberose dangerous love
tulip fame, charity, perfect lover
Verbena faithfulness
violet modesty, humility
violet, blue faithfulness, love
violet, white candour, spotless innocence
Virginia creeper I cling to you
Wallflower lasting beauty, fairness
walnut intellect, stratagem
wheat friendliness, prosperity
willow freedom, serenity
willow, pussy friendship, recovery from illness
wisteria welcome stranger
Yarrow war, health, sorrow
yew sorrow, penitence
Zinnia thoughts of absent friends