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Rose Colours and Their Meanings


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Of all the flower in the world, the Rose is one of the most popular flowers to be sent in bouquets, arrangements and foral gifts. It's beauty and fragrance has been written about throughout the ages and it is the most common choice of flower to be sent when a lover wishes to express their deepest desires and devotion. On romantic holidays such as Valentine's Day, the red rose is the most sort after flower and while it is universally known that the red rose signifies passionate love, there are a number of different meanings for the different colours and varieties of roses.

When you consider the colour, number of roses and variety, you're floral gift will mean much more to the special recipient. We've compiled a list of the most popular rose colours and their meanings, so you'll be able to choose the right rose and colour to convey your sentiments and thoughts.

Colour Meaning
Red The red rose and it's meaning can hardly be considered hidden. For centuries the red rose has been gifted to lovers to express their their deepest devotion and passionate love. It's the perfect gift to send to your partner on a special anniversary, Valentine's Day or just because.
White Known as the wedding or bridal flowers, the white rose represents purity, innocence, silence, reverence, humility and youthfulness. The white rose is a heavenly flower and can be sent to show "I'm worthy of you".
Pink Beautiful pink roses can be sent in an array of colours. A dark pink can be sent to show your deep appreciation and graditude while a light pink rose can be gifted be show gentleness, grace, joy and sweetness.
Yellow The yellow rose has had a variety of meanings through history. In the Victorian era, it symbolised deep jealous. Today, the yellow rose is often associated with friendship, joy, delight and the promise of new beginnings
Orange While not as well know as the red rose, orange roses expresses your desire and enthusiasm. Send a warm and beautiful bouquet of orange roses when you want to show someone how much you need them and desire their love.
Lavender / Purple An elegant purple rose shows the beginnings of a new love. A magical colour, purple represents love at first sight and enchantment. The perfect rose to send when love is anew and blossoming.
Peach A simple and soft colour that can be used to show your appreciation, gratitude and sincerity. Send a bouquet of peach roses to a friend to suggest a get together or to a business partner to celebrate the closing the deal or successful business venture.

Colours are not the only way you can express yourself and send a message full of meaning. You can convey your feelings when you send different roses, buds or if the number of roses vary. For example, a closed red bud is symbolic of purity and loveliness. A thornless rose can be sent to show your adoration for someone you've just met.

  • A single rose - Symbolises love at first or can be given to your soulmate to show "I still love you"
  • 2 Roses - Can be sent to show mutual love and affection
  • 6 Roses - Send six roses to display your infatuation
  • 12 Roses - A dozen roses to ask "Be Mine"
  • 13 Roses - Sent to show an ever lasting friendship
  • 15 Roses - Make an apology with 15 roses
  • 24 Roses - Two dozen roses symbolise "I always yours"
  • 25 Roses - Send 25 roses to congratulation someone on their acheivement
  • 36 Roses - 3 dozen roses to symbolise "Head over heels in love"
  • 50 or more - For a love that has no end, send a bouquet filled with 50 (or more) elegant roses.